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July 27, 2006
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Rubix GI by Calzinger Rubix GI by Calzinger
3D Studio Max 8, CS2 blending
VRay Adv 1.47.02
Render time: a very short 2hr 20min 27sec
Render resolution: 3456 x 2765

By the way, this rubiks can't be turned or twisted or anything. Do you see any dips in it? Maybe I'll go back to it at some other time and make one that could actually resemble a real rubiks cube. I just needed to make a new one with GI to revive my old suck-failure of a render (made back when I didn't know how to make renders).

My only gripe is that verts don't really curve on the squares so you get this rigid line where the curved bevel meets the top surface. As always, GI never fails with non-reflective lighting.

I think I want to rebuild Industry with the classic materials for my next few renders, using HDRI and GI together this time. I was looking at my first few submissions to dA back in winter '05-'06 and it got me thinking.
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I really like this. I think you should make a moving one sometime that solves itself, if thats possible. I know the formuli and have them written down if you need them :P
fantastic!!! thanks!
CptOfGondor Jul 27, 2006   Photographer
nice 3d render. I like the colours! Very punchy. I know its probably a very hard next step but maybe start with the 27 cubes first and then add the colour tiles on the outside. Because in the enlarged pic, I see lots of colour tiles stuck on a big cube.
Yeah I pointed that out in my description. I was already far into it and I didn't feel like scrapping it and starting all over again. Since I have a blank scene now, I can work on something better.
Those are so much fun. Love how you showed the small version than the bigger picture, neat! :)
All those suckers do is give me frustration and anger. But hell, when you solve one, you feel like you've conquered everything there is to conquer! I mean, come on. At that point, what else is there to accomplish in life?
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